Housing-as-a-Service, Hospitality, Shared Economy

Co-Founder and Product Marketing of Stayawhile, a housing-as-a- service startup providing the ability to live in boutique hotels around the world at a monthly subscription. Stayawhile is a venture-backed hospitality company with $1.5MM seed funding to date. Instrumental on fundraising, sales, marketing, customer development, GTM, ordering pizza and building a team.



SaaS, Enterprise Software, Retail Technology, Mobile Payments

Led and executed go-to-market strategies and across Imonggo, th e first free cloud-based point-of-sale software targeting SMBs and SMEs, suite of digital products (web and mobile apps) and CRM channels for North America and Asia. Collaborating with a cross-functional team of engineers, my focus was optimizing customer journeys, defining product features, conveying the value we provide to target audiences, and identifying new opportunities that drive growth within the product and consumer touchpoint in a fa st, iterative process. This resulted in an increase of engagement, product adoption, user acquisition, reactivation, and ultimately revenue. Also was instrumental in launching Imonggo in emerging markets including the Philippines and Thailand.




B2C, E-Commerce, Consumer Technology

Drove product marketing and growth at Honey, VC-backed browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes for you at checkout . Worked alongside developers, sales, and product executing growth strategies for user acquisition, optimize customer experience for the 500k+ user base, including email marketing, customer journey mapping/onboarding, retargeting, referral campaigns, and overall delivering a more frictionless experience leading to increased retention, repeated use, and ultimately revenue.


marketing manager, chideo

Video, Influencers, Social Impact

One of the first hires of Chideo (now part of CharityBuzz and Prizeo), Todd Wagner’s brainchild leveraging technology to connect audiences to fave influencers for social good. Oversaw marketing initiatives including initial go-to-market, digital marketing, advertising, branding, email marketing, initiate, execute and analyze creative and promotional tests carried out via email, mobile push notification and display channels with goal of engaging customers, driving repeated conversion increasing ROI. Worked with brands from Reebok, The Weinstein Company, and The Clinton Foundation .



Marketing & PR Firm

Part of the original team that launched Tinder; Soft launch generated 25,000 downloads, while the following month surpassed 450,000. Currently, Tinder is the most downloaded dating app in history surpassing 1B swipes and countless connections. This essentially segued my career into startups and have been in the startup/early-stage venture space ever since.