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Entrepreneur; Strategic Marketing + Growth Advisor; Curious Traveler

Mischa Armada is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, growth marketing consultant, and former digital nomad found at the intersection of travel, technology, and the future of real estate.

A full-stack marketing professional with 10+ years in both corporate and startup landscapes, Mischa has been instrumental in helping to build, scale, and guide Fortune 500 brands and distinguished startups; from Dominos to being part of the original team that launched Tinder.

Her unique background, deep understanding of consumer behavior, data-driven approach, and ability to lead cross-functional teams, has contributed to over $25MM in revenue, and $7B of market value across a global consumer base, from SaaS to Real Estate.

Since 2015, she has also been active in carving out the co-living / space-as-a-service / future of real estate space following her time as a digital nomad living, traveling, and working remotely throughout Asia.

Mischa co-founded Stayawhile, a vc-backed hospitality and alternative accommodation startup, and has consulted on other co-living ventures including Roam, Outsite, and Blok.


β€œCreative adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”

Alma Peterson  |  Co-Founder


The approach is simple:

Create experiences that people love

Game-changing companies are those who put designing exceptional customer experiences first. People are too smart and connected to be sold to. They embrace companies who understand what job needs to get done, and designing those experiences that best meet their needs.

Living in a world that moves at tech speed, marketing is as much a science as it is creative. In order to design remarkable experiences, marketers need to uncover and truly understand the underlying motivations of what makes people tick.

Driven by meticulous, consumer-behavior obsessed research, strong creative, and built upon the foundations of technology and data, we combine these capabilities into creating unified brand experiences that moves at a fast, iterative process to deepen connections, foster relationships, get the message across, and evoke brand loyalty in an evolving landscape.



Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategies, Product Marketing, Performance Marketing, Messaging and Content, Customer Experience, User Acquisition & Retention, Email Marketing, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Research & Development, Retention, SEO/SEM, Paid Acquisition, A/B Testing, Data Analyzation, Automation, Funnel Optimization, etc.



HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Adobe Creative Suite, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Google Analytics, MySQL, Optimizely, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Drive, Microsoft Office Suite, Sketch, Balsamiq, Jira, Stripe, Keynote, Typeform, Zapier, Notion, Heap, etc.



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